Professional Experience


2001    University of Cincinnati, College of DAAP
            Bachelors of Fine Arts

2004    University of Cincinnati, College of DAAP|
            Masters of Arts, Art Education

2013    University of Cincinnati, College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services
            Teacher Leader Endorsement

2015    University of Cincinnati, College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services
            Masters of Education, Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment


5-Year Senior Professional Educator License.  Certified in the state of Ohio, Visual Art PK-21

Master Teacher.  Ohio Department of Education

Professional Work Experiences

Oak Hills High School, Oak Hills Local School District
Cincinnati, OH
Art Teacher: Grades 9-12

  • Art Department Chair, Coordinator of Instruction: budget organization and distribution, curriculum revision, scheduling, community and administration relations
  • Curriculum Development: Studio Art 2D Design AP, Studio Art Drawing AP, Art History AP, Art Foundations, Painting and Mixed Media, Drawing and Printmaking, Creative and Performing Arts Pathways Development, ISSN Curriculum Design and Implementation
  • Leadership Development and Implementation: AP Culture/Incentive Program, OGT Incentive Program, 21st Century Learning and Instruction, PLC Leader: Literacy, eTech Revision, Communications Task Force, eLearning Consultant, Programs of Study Development Team, ISSN Leadership Team
  • National Art Honor Society Advisor, Anime Club Advisor

Pleasant Hill Elementary, Cincinnati Public Schools
Cincinnati, OH
Art Specialist:  Grades K-8

  • Curriculum Council Delegate
  • Instructional Team Leader
  • Art Club Advisor
Supplemental Work Experiences

Supporting Artist
Hamilton, OH

  • Work with other artist staff in daily areas of planning
  • Manage workspace and equipment
  • Share technical and professional skills with project artists

2018 Miami University Hamilton Regionals Campus: Supporting Artist

Fitton Center for Creative Arts
Hamilton, OH
Visual Arts Instructor

  • Course proposal and curriculum design for community education classes
  • Courses taught include: Color Studio, Drawing Studio, and Art + Wine, Mural Madness Summer Camp
  • Private Art Lesson Instructor

Cincinnati, OH

  • Generate original artwork, or designs, for implementation
  • Work with other teaching staff in all areas of planning
  • Manage Apprentice artists, workspace, equipment, budget, and inventory
  • Share technical and professional skills with Apprentices
  • Lead small groups of Apprentices in execution of project

2011 Pleasant Ridge Mural: Teaching Artist
2011 Art Cars: M.C. Escher Lead Artist
2012 Big Pig Gig:  The Hoglander, Technohoglogic, Pigtrepreneur, The Swine Arts, The Sownd          of Music
2012 West Price Hill Mural: Lead Artist/Project Manager
2012 Art Cars: Kandinsky Lead Artist
2013 Licking River and Greenway Trails Murals:  Project Manager
2013 Art Cars:  MPMF Lead Artist
2014 Roll Hill Mural: Lead Artist/Project Manager

Highlander Academy, Oak Hills Local School District
Cincinnati, OH
Art Teacher:  Grades 9-12

  • Instructor for at-risk students
  • Curriculum Development: Highlander Academy Art Program

Art Academy of Cincinnati, Community Education
Cincinnati, OH
Art Teacher:  Ages 5-12

  • Camp Art Academy lead instructor
  • Designed and implemented lessons and projects in accordance to themed weeks
  • Organized and designed student shows for Final Fridays 
Special Projects

Oak Hills High School

2010-Present  Oak Hills Local School District Creative Arts Festival, Coordinator
2009-Present  Oak Hills High School OHHS Arts Newsletter, Coordinator, Public Relations, Social                               Media
2010-Present  Studio Art AP Final Exhibition Coordinator
2010-Present  Studio Art AP Legacy Project Coordinator
2010                  50th Anniversary Lobby Mural
2011                  Art Benches: Interpreting Masterworks to Reflect OHHS
2012                  Big Pig Gig: 2 Pigs; The Hoglander, Technohoglogic
2013                  Art Tables: Interpreting Non-Western Masterworks to Reflect OHHS
                          Common Mural: Global Connections
2014                  Music Hallway Mural: Jacob Lawrence, Music, and Movement
2015                  Flagpole Mural: Artworks representing global and local partnerships
2008-Present  Day Without Art (World Aids Day), Project Coordinator
2007-Present  Oak Hills High School Permanent Art Collection, Curator
2011                  Ohio Art Education Association High School Art Exhibition Coordinator
2011-Present   Homecoming Dinner Artwork Creation: NAHS Coordinator
2012-Present  Veteran’s Day Artwork Creation: NAHS Coordinator
2013-Present  Oak Hills Local School District, District Wide Exhibition Coordinator
2013-Present   French Partnership Project Art Coordinator
2013                   Solar Energy: Cyanotypes and Historic Cincinnati Images
2015                   Solar Energy: Reinterpreting the Windows of Chartres Cathedral
2016                   Clean Water and Conservation: Rain Barrel Project
2017                   Educational Inequalities: Social Narrative and “Girl Rising”
2015-Present   Save Local Waters Rain Barrel Project Coordinator
2015-Present   Memory Project Coordinator
2016                   Miamitown Bicentennial “Paint the Pots” Project Coordinator
2016                   Oakdale Scottie Yard Mural Project Designer and Coordinator
2017                  “BLINK” Project Coordinator at OHHS for ArtWorks


Fitton Center for Creative Arts
2013-2016       ArtsWave Sampler Weekend, Activity Coordinator

Art of Food, Carnegie Arts Center
2015                Performer Body Painter

2010-2013       Apprentice Interviewer, Summer Program
2013                 Red’s Opening Day Parade, Artist

2012                 LISC, Local Initiatives Support Corporation

Cincinnati Public Schools
2005                CPS City Wide Art Show, Judging Coordinator

Professional Development

2006                College Board Studio Art AP Professional Development
2007                Additional studio coursework at Miami University, OH
2010-Present  Cooperating Teacher for University of Cincinnati’s Art Education Pre-service Art                                   Teachers
2010                Art Academy of Cincinnati: Issues in Contemporary Art, Approaches to                                                 Contemporary Drawing
2005-Present  Member of the OEA (Ohio Education Association), OAEA (Ohio Art Education                                       Association), and NAEA (National Art Education Association)
2010                ETS Praxis Standard Setting Study for the Art Content and Analysis Praxis test for teacher licensure.
2010                Ohio Department of Education Visual Arts Standards Revisioning Committee
2011                Ohio Art Education Association (OAEA), Board of Directors
2011                Ohio Department of Education, Master Teacher Status
2012                College Board Art History AP Redesign Panel
2012                College Board Art History AP Professional Development
2013                Hamilton County Educational Service Center, SLO Development: Visual Arts
2013                Pearson/Ohio Department of Education Visual Arts Teacher Certification Committee                          for Standard Setting for new teacher licensure.
2013                University of Cincinnati Teacher Leader Endorsement and Master of Education in                               Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
2013                College Board Studio Art AP Professional Development
2014                Hamilton County Education Service Center, Freelance Assessment Item Writer
2014                Pearson, EdTPA Visual Arts Portfolio Scorer
2014-Present  ETS Visual Arts Content Praxis Rater
2014                Pearson/Ohio Department of Education Multi-Age Committee for Job Analysis                                     Survey Development
2014                Pearson/Ohio Department of Education Content Advisory Committee
2014                College Board Art History AP Professional Development
2014-2015      Ohio Arts Assessment Collaborative, Field Tester
2014-Present College Board Art History AP Reader
2015                EF Tour Leader Training: Paris, France
2015                EF Tour Leader: Service Learning: Peru
2015-2017      High AIMS Department Chair Leadership Cohort
2016                EF Tour Chaperone: Experience Spain
2016                College Board Studio Art AP Professional Development
2017                EF Tour Leader: The Galapagos Islands and Ecuador
2017                Guatemalan Exchange Program Chaperone
2017                Ohio Alliance for Art Education: Cincinnati Art Museum Symposium
2018                EF Tour Chaperone: Ireland and Scotland


1996                           840 Gallery, Basic Drawing Studio Exhibition
2001                           DAAPworks, “Contents Under Pressure”
2003                           National Association of Schools of Art and Design, Group Exhibition
2003                           The Projects, September Exhibition
                                    The Projects, October Exhibition
2004                           840 Gallery, “DEvolutions”
2005                           Projections Gallery, “Dualities”
2006, 2011, 2015      Fitton Center for Creative Arts, GHAE Juried Exhibition
2007, 2010, 2012      Studio San Giuseppe, College of Mt. St. Joseph, Parallel Visions
2008, 2010, 2013      Art Academy of Cincinnati, Regional Art Teacher Exhibit
2009-2014                 ArtWorks:  Secret ArtWorks
2012                           Pop Revolution Gallery, Artist Lounge Exhibition
2012, 2013, 2014      Art Institutes: Cincinnati, OH, National Media Educator Exhibition
2012                           Pendleton Arts Center Rising Sun, Bi-Annual Juried Exhibition, 3rd Place Award
2012, 2014, 2016      Fitton Center for Creative Arts, Members Exhibition
2013                           Pop Revolution Gallery, The Art of Shakespeare Juried Exhibition, Juror’s                                              Award, People’s Choice Award
2013, 2014                Mercantile Lofts Group Exhibition, Hamilton, OH
2014, 2015, 2016     Evendale Fine Arts Juried Exhibition, Honorable Mention Award 2014
2014                          Wash Park Art Gallery, “Generations”
2016                          Wash Park Art Gallery, “Engendered Identity”
2016                          Kennedy Heights Art Center Summer Juried Exhibition
2017                          Fitton Center for Creative Arts, “Currents Exhibition”, Honorable Mention                                        Award 2017
2017                          SOS Exhibition, “Pax Americana”
2018                          Pop Revolution Gallery, Flowers Juried Exhibition
2018                          Fitton Center for Creative Arts, Members Exhibition, Postcard Award
2017                          SOS Exhibition, “Routine Education”
2018                          Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park, “Big Little Art Show”
2018                          Fitton Center for Creative Arts, “25”/”Visioning Human Rights in the New                                          Millennium”, Invitational Exhibition
2018                         Ohio Arts Council’s Riffe Gallery, “Art Educators as Artists”, Juried Exhibition

Teaching Awards and Acknowledgements

2010                        Ohio Governor’s Art Exhibition: Student selected to represent OHHS in                                                  Columbus, OH
2011                        Ohio Department of Education, Master Teacher
2014                        Scholastics Art Awards: National Silver Medalist Student
2014                        Congressional Art Awards: Student selected to represent Ohio District 1 in the                                     Washington D.C. Capitol Building
2015                        Scholastics Art Awards: National American Visions Medalist Student|
2012, 2014, 2015  Ohio Governor’s Art Exhibition: Student selected to represent OHHS in
2016                       Columbus, OH
2015, 2016            Ohio House of Representatives Government Arts Exhibition: Selected by                                       OAEA to represent District 1 with 2 student submissions in inaugural
2017                      Congressional Art Awards: Student selected to represent Ohio District 1 in                                        Congressman Steve Chabot’s Washington, D.C. office
2016, 2017           OAEA Emerging Artist Exhibition: Maximum Amount of Students Allotted                                          Exhibiting
2017                      Published in the “SOS Art 2017 Exhibition Catalog”
2018                      Congressional Art Awards: Student selected to represent Ohio District 1 in                                        Congressman Steve Chabot’s Cincinnati, OH, office
2018                      Published in “Transforming Cincinnati: How a Decade of ArtWorks Murals                                  Changed People and Communities Forever”
2018                      Published in the “SOS Art 2018 Exhibition Catalog

Click on the link below to access the associated files.

Letter of Recommendation: Bridget Dignan-Cummins
Letter of Recommendation: Ken Hauck
Letter of Recommendation: Mike Taylor
Letter of Recommendation: Cindi Menefield
Letter of Recommendation: Elizabeth Smith
Letter of Recommendation: Sarah Bellamy
Letter of Recommendation: Brenda Terrell
Letter of Recommendation: Susie Lott

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