Jamie Schorsch holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Arts in Art Education with PK-21 licensure in Art Education from the University of Cincinnati DAAP program.  Jamie’s teaching experiences have been widely varied, including working with students ranging in ages from 5-18, private and public institutions, and both inner-city and suburban schools.  Jamie has taught at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Public Schools, and is employed by Oak Hills Local School District as an Art Teacher at Oak Hills High School, and serves as the Art and Design Department Coordinator.  Currently, Jamie teaches Art Foundations, Painting and Mixed Media. Art History AP, Studio Art AP Drawing, and Studio Art AP 2D Design at the high school.

When not teaching, Jamie Schorsch can be found deconstructing concepts of the American dream through fairy tales and characters from literature, and picking apart representations and interpretations of popular culture.  Psychology, religion, literature, history, and film inspire the conceptual and visual development for her artworks which are created in a wide variety of media.  The resulting repertoire of images created illustrates visual, social, and spiritual explorations in relation to modern societal standards.

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