OHHS Art and Design Teacher Featured in the “Art in the Time of Corona” Online Exhibition

“Art in the Time of Corona”, organized by SOS ART, consists of Artists responses to the Covid 19 pandemic. The exhibition is being held online due to the ongoing pandemic crisis and its resulting necessary social distancing. For this collective art show, Artists were invited to submit their artwork, in any medium, dealing with their responses to the pandemic. This could be regarding how they have been personally, or through family, friends and others they know, affected by the pandemic and the changes it has generated, or their reflection on the local, national, and international social and political reactions and events that the crisis has triggered. 110 greater Cincinnati artists submitted 209 artworks for the show. Their media were varied including drawings, paintings, prints, photographs, sculptures, fabric, etc. and their subject quite diverse. They addressed direct effects of the Covid pandemic such as social isolation and loneliness, loss and separation, sickness and death, the world turned upside down, new modes of communication, new discoveries and new ways of coping, the resort to spirituality, the role of information (and misinformation), the role of science… and also addressed societal and political events triggered or unveiled by the pandemic.

The work of OHHS Art and Design teacher Jamie Schorsch, “Pandemic Nexus”, is featured alongside the work of 109 greater Cincinnati artists in the SOS ART “Art in the Time of Corona” online exhibition. 

To view the exhibition, visit: Art in the Time of Corona SOS Art Exhibition.

“Pandemic Nexus”

OHHS Art and Design Teacher Exhibiting in the SOS Art Retrospective

Mark your calendars for the SOS Art Retrospective (2016-202) that will be on exhibition at the Kennedy Heights Arts Center from January 9th to February 27th, 2021!

OHHS Art and Design teacher, Jamie Schorsch, will be exhibiting in the Retrospective. Her piece, “Routine Education”, was selected for the exhibition which features 90 artists whose works address themes of peace and justice. 

Check out the information below for details regarding timed ticket entry, outdoor viewing options, events, and artist interviews!

“Routine Education”

“’Routine Education’ is a commentary on the gun violence epidemic that impacts schools in America. Following the recent mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, I researched events of gun related violence in schools in order to raise awareness to the magnitude of the problem. The numbers in my piece represent the amount of documented shootings, deaths, and injuries in American schools from the late 18th century until March, 2018.”

“Lavinia” at the 2019 NAEA Member Exhibition

“Lavinia”, Digital Image, Ink, Acrylic, and Graphite on Stonehenge

The annual NAEA Member exhibit showcases artwork created by NAEA’s vibrant professional community of visual arts educators, highlighting the artistic skill and vision of members worldwide.

NAEA received 320 submissions for this exhibit and the works were juried by a panel of 5 arts leaders. The jury selected 62 works for display at the NAEA Studio & Gallery in Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia and 72 works for inclusion in the Virtual Gallery on the NAEA website.

OHHS Art and Design teacher Jamie Schorsch was selected for inclusion in the 2019 NAEA Member Exhibition Virtual Gallery showcased on the NAEA website. Schorsch’s piece, “Lavinia”, will be available for viewing on June 17, 2019 at: https://www.arteducators.org/opportunities/naea-studio-gallery-exhibitions/current-exhibitions.

The “10___Women” Project

Virginia Coffey: Alcohol Marker, Prismacolor Pencil, and Archival Ink

Recently, I was selected as one of the region’s female artists participating in the inaugural 10___Women Project.

10 ___ Women: A People’s Liberty Grant Funded Project

10 ___Women will celebrate a “first cohort/class” of 10 historic women who made an impact on Cincinnati. The “___” is meant to be a placeholder for an apt descriptor that will distinguish and unite this first class. The project will have three facets to reach different audiences. The release event will include created displays with original artwork and dramatic interpretations telling the stories of the women, an educational booklet, and storytelling from women today who have been inspired by these historic women. The project will culminate with a release event in June, and a digital archive launched in July. The coordinators of the 10___Women Project want the girls of today to be inspired and emboldened by the women of yesteryear. By focusing on the impact that was made by women on a local level, they reinforce the idea to “think global, but act local.”

Save the date, and location, for the culminating event:

June 12th
Harriet Beecher Stowe House
2950 Gilbert Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45206

Listed below is the incredible group of female artists, who will be creating new portraits for the initial 10___Women:

Marreya Bailey: Commissioned Cover Art
Hannah Parker : Theda Bara
Jo Ann Berger : Edna Murphey
Natalie Grilli: Cora Dow
Kate Rowekamp: Venus Ramey
Jennifer Baldwin : Dorothy Dolbey
Christine Ochs-Naderer: Dottie Kamenshek
Sara Leah Miller: Jessie Partlon
Lauren Darpel: Sister O’Connell
Arielle Goldberg: Sarah Fossett
Jamie Schorsch: Virginia Coffey

Artist Statement: Virginia Coffey

“The hardest thing in this world to do is like people for what they are – regardless of the artificial barriers of color and worship.” –Virginia Coffey

Virginia Coffey was an American social reformer and civil rights activist who worked for improved race relations in and around Cincinnati, Ohio. Virginia arrived in Cincinnati in 1924 to teach at an all-black school, one of the few opportunities for African-American teachers.  Instead of finding a progressive northern city, she found a segregated city. Virginia fought to integrate areas of the city, including Coney Island where she coordinated an event protesting the segregation at the gates of the park. In addition to the multiple committees and organizations that Virginia partnered with throughout her life, she formed the first Girl Scouts troop for African-American girls and became the first woman, and first African-American, Executive Director of the Cincinnati Human Relations Commission in 1968. Throughout her life Virginia worked to achieve her goal of getting people to listen to each other, getting to know each other, and treating each other as human beings.

The portrait created as a representation of Virginia Coffey’s impact includes symbolism related to the Coney Island protest and her role as a leader for the Cincinnati Human Relations Commission in bridging the gaps of a divided community. The divisions of the landscape become united by color. Gladiolus, a symbol of faithfulness, sincerity, and integrity, frame the image of Virginia, calling emphasis to her strength of character and perseverance. Symbolic association with the Girl Scouts emerges from behind the gladiolus as a sign of her fostering and growing similar characteristics amongst young women. The Canaries, representing the power of voice, illustrate a connection with freedom and inspiration of Virginia’s message being carried through generations.

“For a Better World” 2019

A new work inspired by the writings of some talented women from the Greater Cincinnati area, with some old themes revisited. Check out “For A Better World”, the book of poems and drawings on peace and justice by Greater Cincinnati artists, at this year’s SOS Art Exhibition.

For a Better World 2019

“Movement”, 2019 Pop Revolution Juried Exhibition

“Migrant Refuge”, Archival Ink, Acrylic Paint, Prismacolor Pencil, Alcohol Marker, Collage, and Relief Print

Come check out my piece, “Migrant Refuge”, that was selected to be a part of the February Juried Exhibition at Pop Revolution Gallery! This exhibition focuses on the theme of Movement.

The Opening Reception is February 14th, 2019 from 6-8:00 pm. Exhibition dates are February 14th through March 9th, 2019. Pop Revolution Gallery is open Tuesday through Friday, 10-6 and Saturday, 11-3.

“Migrant Refuge”, Detail
Archival Ink, Alcohol Marker, Prismacolor Pencil, Acrylic, and Collaged Materials

Jamie Schorsch is Doing the Time Warp!

Time Warp 2018 explores an artistic connection between our past and present selves. How have we evolved? How has our journey as artists changed us and our work? When given the opportunity to look upon our past work with new eyes, how would it inspire us to create? How would our growth, our experiences, our outlooks change how we would approach the same project, assignment, or piece? The Time Warp 2018 exhibition asked artists to create something new while looking back to their past work for inspiration. Artists were required to submit two works, one from the past and one from the present to be exhibited together. All past work was required to be at least ten years old (circa 2008) with the preference being for work that is meaningful to the artist and a specific period of their lives.

OHHS Art and Design teacher Jamie Schorsch will be exhibiting work in Time Warp 2018! The majority of Schorsch’s pieces are an autobiographical self-analysis. Throughout the past decade, the focus of her work has been deconstructing concepts of identity through fairy tales and characters from literature, while integrating representations and interpretations from popular culture.  Psychology, mythology, religion, literature, and history inspire the conceptual and visual development for her artworks resulting in images created that illustrates visual, social, and spiritual explorations in relation to modern societal standards and personal experiences. Schorsch’s pieces “Hard to Swallow” and “Hecate” are both self-portraits addressing the subconscious self through symbolic imagery.

Exhibition Details
Time Warp will be put on jointly by Thundery-Sky (4573 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45223) and Pique (210 W. Pike Street Covington, KY 41011)

Exhibition Dates
October 13th – December 14th, 2018

Opening Reception
October 13th, 2018 6-8 pm


“25” at the Fitton Center for Creative Arts

Come check out my 2 newest pieces, “Routine Education” and “Migrant Refuge”, at the “25” Exhibition on display from July 28th through September 28th at the Fitton Center for Creative Arts.

Information about the “25” Exhibition:
TwentyFive is a multi-media invitational group show curated by the Fitton Center’s Director of Exhibitions, Cat Mayhugh, with help from the Fitton Center’s Exhibitions Selection Committee and Staff. The invitational show will feature 25 artists who are highly engaged with the Fitton Center for Creative Arts’ exhibitions, education, outreach and StreetSpark programs and/or are active players in the City of Hamilton arts community.

The exhibition will take place concurrently with the premier of a new traveling narrative quilt show curated by Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi, titled “Visioning Human Rights in the New Millennium: Quilting the World’s Conscience”, featuring international artists of the Women of Color Quilters Network and inspired by the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. The goal of “25” is to extend the discussion of human rights sparked by Dr. Mazloomi’s timely exhibition.

The 25 invited artists to participate in the exhibition created artwork in response to human rights concepts.

Information About My Work:
“Routine Education”
“Routine Education” is a commentary on the human rights issue of gun related violence continually impacting American schools. The vultures depicted in the work were selected for their symbolic representation in relation to life events, specifically as signifiers of death. The numbers, compiled through research, are juxtaposed with the vulture imagery to represent the amount of documented shootings, deaths, and injuries that have occurred in American schools from the 18th century until March of 2018.

“Migrant Refuge”
Mass displacements and exoduses have occurred throughout human history. “Migrant Refuge” addresses the human rights issues of the acceptance of refugees seeking asylum on an increasingly global scale. Millions of individuals, and families, attempt to migrate and establish new roots but face deportation and entry refusal on many fronts. The sparrows juxtaposed with countries that have most recently experienced mass exoduses are meant to serve as a directive to nurture our fellow humans.

Exhibition Information:
July 28 – September 28, 2018: Exhibition on view.
August 17, 2018, 5:00 – 11:00pm: Gallery Opening as part of Season Launch (5:30 – 6:30pm: Featured Artist Panel Discussion in the Fitton Family Theater)

“Art Educators as Artists” at the Ohio Arts Council’s Riffe Gallery

“Lavinia”, Digital Image, Ink, Acrylic, and Graphite on Stonehenge

My works “Lavinia” and “The Reconfigured Hierophant” have been selected for the OAE Foundation “Art Educators as Artist” Exhibition!

The Ohio Art Education Foundation in collaboration with the Ohio
Arts Council’s Riffe Gallery is sponsoring this juried exhibition to showcase art educators as artists.

In an effort to present an exhibition of merit and significance, work was juried by objective criteria. When judging the quality of artwork submitted, several standards and combinations of standards were used such as:
– Suitability of subject, technique and style for intended audience
– Vitality and originality
– Artistic expression and experimentation
– Creative and inventive use of the medium
– Innovation in style and/or concept
– Technical proficiency in the use of the medium/media

Exhibition dates are November 1, 2018 through January 5, 2019
A public opening reception will take place on Saturday, November 3, 2018 from 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m

OAC Riffe Gallery: The Riffe Gallery is located in the Vern Riffe Center for Government and the Arts, 77 South High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215.

“Flowers”, 2018 Pop Revolution Juried Exhibition

“Persephone”, Prismacolor Pencil, Archival Ink, Acrylic Paint, and Marker

Come out to see me and my new work, “Persephone”, at the “Flowers” exhibition opening at Pop Revolution Gallery!

Opening Reception: Thursday, February 15, 2018 from 5:30-8:30 pm.
Awards Ceremony: Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 7 pm.

Can’t make it that day?
Exhibition Dates: The exhibition and sale will be open and free to the public from Thursday, February 15, 2018 through Saturday, March 10, 2018.
Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Friday, 10-6, Saturday, 11-3.

For more information exhibit visit http://www.poprevolutiongallery.com/